Best Ways to Care for a Broken Arm at Home

When you break your arm, you’ll experience a high level of pain near the site of the break that radiates out and along your arm. Depending on the severity of that break, the doctor may put it in a cast or recommend surgery. If you go through surgery, you’ll need to have some type of cast placed on your arm for six weeks or longer. The doctor may send you home with a sling that lets you keep your arm in a comfortable position. You can use that sling and other tips to care for your arm at home.

Use Trash Bags

Getting your cast wet is a serious problem because it will weaken the cast and will likely require that the doctor remove the cast and put on a new one. This can extend the time it takes for the break to heal. Though you can stick to sponge baths, you can also use trash bags to keep your cast away from water while in the shower. Wrap the bags around your arm, apply strips of tape to secure the bag to your skin and check for any gaps before getting in the shower.

Keep the Arm Elevated

One benefit of using a sling is that it keeps your arm elevated, but you’ll want to do the same thing while at home. If you have a couch, try spending more time in a lounging or reclining position. Place a pillow or cushion on the back the couch that you rest your arm on while relaxing. This keeps the arm above your heart and can increase the flow of blood to your arm to help the break heal faster.

Change Your Clothing

A common problem that many people have after breaking their arms is with the clothing they wear. When you go to the hospital, someone will likely cut off your shirt to help the doctor put on the cast. You’ll need to avoid shirts that fit tightly and those with long sleeves that won’t fit over your cast. Medical Rehab Wear Inc. and similar companies make clothing designed for those who went through surgery. These shirts have snaps along the sides that let you easily put the shirt on and take it off over your cast. You can use these tips for recovering from a broken arm and follow the guidelines given to you by your doctor.