History Of Marijuana In The Field Of Health

Cannabis or marijuana as the most famous plants throughout human history, no doubt have experienced various forms of news that are not objective and tend to be negative. From the standpoint of human health, plant Cannabis is a plant that has had a long history in ancient medical literature from a variety of world cultures. For more information, please check this site Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

1. The book “Pen T’sao Ching” is the first book of herbal remedies in the world. Collected from the records of Emperor Shen Nung in the year’s 2900-2700 B.C. (BC), the book states that marijuana has efficacy eliminate menstruation, malaria, rheumatism, disorders of pregnancy, indigestion, and a forgotten disease. Read more Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida
2. Various books of medicine of India also mentioned the diverse properties of cannabis in the treatment of various diseases. Book Susruta Samhita (written around 800-300 B.C.) mentions marijuana efficacious in the treatment of respiratory inflammation, diarrhea, excess liquid production, and fever. See also Medical Marijuana Florida
3. Tablets (pieces of stone) were found in the ruins of Ashurbanipal in Kouyunjik library is a collection of relics of the science of civilization in the fertile Mesopotamia. The fragments of carved stone with cuneiform, it mentions that the cannabis plant has benefits as insecticides, sexual enhancers, cure impotence, neuralgia (nerve pain reliever), tonic (refresher), cure kidney disease,