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The Mirror

It can be your best ally and your worst critic. The mirror can help you in a crisis and show you what you may consider being your worst flaws. For many men and women, one of those flaws is varicose veins. While they’re quite common, it’s also become equally common to find them unflattering or unattractive. As the summer season draws near, there may be some who wish to find a method to remove those blemishes, so they can show off their beach-ready bodies without worrying. After all, it has been shown that many who have varicose veins also suffer from a slight decrease in self-esteem and may even suffer from slight depression over how their body appears.

End The Suffering

For those looking for the best treatment for varicose veins Mobile AL, there’s a solution that could stop you from worrying about how your veins appear. The procedure is called VenaSeal. Not only is the treatment non-thermal, non-tumescent, and non-sclerosant, but it also usually doesn’t require any form of anesthesia either. Essentially, what occurs is a device is used to deliver a medical adhesive that closes a vein. It may sound dangerous, but these veins that become varicose are essentially weak and don’t function correctly anymore anyway, so closing them up actually helps your body. VenaSeal has been proven to be both safe and effective and without the use of anesthesia, most patients experience reduced discomfort since they’re not required to have multiple needle sticks. This treatment also outshines its competitors in that because it doesn’t use thermal as many other procedures do, the risk of having nerve injury is eliminated. In time, the veins should disappear, and you’ll be able to have the normal appearance of your legs back.

Take back your body and appearance by undergoing a VenaSeal procedure from a trusted and experienced doctor. In no time, you will be able to show off your legs and feet without worrying what others may be thinking. VenaSeal can help restore your youthful appearance and confidence.

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