Sexual Problem for Millions of Men in the United States

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual problem for millions of men in the United States. Most cases of this inability to keep a firm erection originate from physical conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Lifestyle choices may also contribute when too much drinking and smoking occurs.


For some men, however, there are also psychological issues that lead them to seek treatment for ED in St. Augustine FL.

Psychological Factors in Men

Approximately 20% of ED cases are the result of psychological factors, which also might be secondary reactions to underlying physical issues. The effects may even stem from some type of sexual trauma from childhood or something that occurred in recent years.

Some of the most common psychological causes may include:

  • Anxiety after experiencing ED can increase simply from worrying about not being able to perform. The fear of failure leads to consistent occurrences.
  • Depression affects men psychologically and physically, which causes ED even when they feel comfortable in a sexual situation. Medication treatment for depression is also a contributing factor.
  • Guilt from being unable to satisfy a partner is another psychological cause.
  • Indifference may occur as men get older and simply lose interest in sex.
  • Low self-esteem due to previous episodes of ED and feeling inadequate. This may also be due to other reasons that are separate from sexual performance.
  • Job, finances or other life problems in relationships or otherwise can create stress and thus lead to performance issues.

At some point, most, if not all, men will experience erectile dysfunction. When the problem persists more often than not, it is best to consider seeking treatment. Medical treatment may help, but psychological problems may require therapy.

Available Treatments

Some men struggling with ED suffer in silence because they believe it to be unsolvable without taking medication. While that might be the case with physical issues, medication is not a guaranteed solution when dealing with matters of the mind. An exception could be resolving a chemical imbalance that is the cause.

Proper diagnosis will dictate the recommended form of treatment. Anti-depressant treatment for depression is one possible solution. The proper treatment plan might simply be changing some mental responses an expectations.

Uncovering the root of the problem will lead to the best solution. A positive and relaxed attitude might be the best solution for some while more aggressive treatments are more useful for others. In addition to therapy, most psychological issues are solvable with time and patience.