What Happens When Sprains and How to Overcome them

In the above conditions, the ligaments are inadvertently forced to extend beyond their ability to cause the ligaments to tear or twist. Damage ligaments that underlie the occurrence of sprains. Ligaments are tissue resembling the bands that wrap around the joints. The existence of ligaments serves to connect the bones with each other. Ankles, thumbs and toes, wrists, and knees are the areas that most often experience sprains.
Common sprains are characterized by certain symptoms, including pain around the joints that experience sprains, bruises and swelling in the joints, and the inability of the joint to support the load. It can also arise bruises that appear somewhat away from joints sprains due to blood seeping along the muscles. The severity of the sprain depends on how severe the ligament damage occurs.
Generally Can Be Handled Alone
Handling sprains must be done properly to prevent recurrence in the future, such as long-term pain and joint instability. In most cases, sprains can be handled alone at home. Here are the steps that can be followed:
• To limit movement that can aggravate the condition of injury and prevent swelling that extends, bandage the injured area with elastic bandage (bandage). Make sure the area is wrapped tight, but not to inhibit blood flow. Remove the bandage before you sleep.
• Another step to prevent swelling, place legs or injured limbs in a higher position. You can use an additional bench as a base to put your feet on when sitting or pillow while sleeping.
Overcome Pain with Anti-pain Drugs
To relieve the pain of a sprain, you can apply a cream or pain relief gel to the injured area. According to various studies on sprained patients, pain relievers are more effective than not using anything to relieve pain and accelerate the healing process.
There are now a wide range of external pain medications, ranging from gels, topical creams, to sprays. Although both ease pain, but these drugs can contain different ingredients, such as the following:
• Salicylates: commonly present in creams that are easily absorbed by joints adjacent to the skin, for example in the knee, elbow, and finger joints.
• Counterirritants (such as metilsalicylate, mentol, and camphor) that cause a cold sensation that shifts your focus away from pain.
• Eugenol: an active ingredient widely used as a natural pain reliever is obtained from clove oil.
• NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).
• Capcaisin: is an ingredient contained in chili, causing a sensation of heat to the skin when applied.
Various types of pain relievers can you buy directly in the pharmacy. However, although it is a drug free, there are several things that should be done before using this product:
• Read instructions carefully.
• No matter what product you use, keep in mind not to spread it when there is an open wound on the injured area.
• Avoid rubbing it with the use of tight bandages.
• Wash hands and avoid rubbing the eyes after using this product.
• Before using a drug containing salicylate, consult your doctor if you are taking blood thinners or aspirin allergy.

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