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The Rational Stance of Environmentalism It is so devastating, rather than surprising, to know that there are still a number of people who care less about the environment. However, there are also many who have grown concern about the matter. The environmentalists can help minimize the wrong actions damaging our home. Young and older people can start to think what is the real worth of the nature without having to delve deeper on the historical inevitability. It is not even necessary to read all the science books to know that what you do to the nature will come to you. To be concerned about the nature is a rational stance. This is about how to preserve the world and let the future generations experience the goodness of the nature. People are blinded from the destruction they are doing which damages the amazing beauty that the older generations have enjoyed during their lifetime. No one can create or recreate the richness of the nature which the divine God has provided to mankind. While burning down rainforests and other stupid activities are performed, most people are disincentivized due to the technological innovation and economic development that all are enjoying.
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Nowadays, it is sad to know that there are still people who do not agree with environmentalism. Global warming is not only an effect from regular pollution. It will also include the ocean acidification, erratic weather and glacier melting causing global warming. One should not be blind to be able to figure out that these caused huge problems to the people’s lives and nature. Even the anti-environmentalists will find it very necessary to preserve the property and lives. The condition of the planet plays a very huge role in determining the condition of the property and lives of the people. To give you a proof, take a visit to the world’s most polluted city and see how life is there.
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We often hear that the innovations happening in the world are producing prosperity. Technologies can be helpful to people while not being destructive to the nature and not producing wastes, pollution and destruction. Many people have been blinded for so long using and enjoying the technologies that has been so dangerous and harmful to the environment when there are actually better ones who do not only make the lives of the people easier but also less harmful to the environment. There is nothing wrong enjoying the products of the genius minds when they don’t give burden to our home earth. There are actually plenty of better technologies that don’t only take care of the nature but also provide mankind the needed help. These would refer to the innovations that reduces the produced pollution and wastes which can greatly affect the health of the people. Remember, what we do to the nature will also come back to us.