6 Apps that will help you organize your financial flow

Controlling personal finances has become a commonplace nowadays, thanks to the increased visibility of the topic on social networks. However, it is increasingly difficult to maintain the organization.

An search of the specialized portal TECHREVIEWS indicated that internet searches for digital accounts skyrocketed by more than 3000% at the beginning of the pandemic, showing that many had access to virtual services. There are estimates that, in 2020, more than half of Brazilians used some fintech. Many use the services of more than one company, taking advantage of the best solutions offered by each one. If on the one hand this brings good advantages, it also harms the organization of money, since control is dispersed.

There are several applications that automate some processes and help organize money, which is essential in times of crisis, when Financial health is also directly related to mental health.. Here, we list some of these apps, explaining why they can help you.


Mobilis will be very advantageous if you have several bank accounts and credit cards, as it is able to integrate information from all institutions in a single application. By collecting data from your accounts, the app is able to identify your expenses. That is, with a good reading, it is possible to find budget points that may be adequate.


Organizze is a complete financial data management platform. It also allows synchronization with bank accounts and, based on the identification of expenses, generates graphs and reports that allow you to improve your finances. In addition, it also generates reminders of bills about to expire, which can help the most forgetful ones a lot.


Finance is another app that lets you keep track of your spending. But its biggest difference is in the function of creating shopping lists, which are divided into purchases for the day-to-day, medium-term plans and dreams for the future. In addition to creating lists, it is also possible to monitor the price of products and, therefore, save a lot.

bills agent

If you want a simpler application just to avoid unnecessary expenses with interest and late bill fines, Bills Agent is the ideal app. Its only function is to issue reminders about the expiration of bills. It sounds simple, but it makes a lot of difference.

my savings

This app is more suitable for planning than for controlling finances. With it, you can schedule recurring transactions and see a picture of your monetary life in the future. It also allows the creation of budgets and even sends pertinent news to those who wish to invest.


In previous applications, your supermarket purchases will be seen as a whole, without specifying expenses. With Listonic, you create your shopping list and you can add the average price of the products. That way, you can intuitively see which categories you’re spending too much on, opening up spaces for savings.

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