4 Ways to Save on “Invisible Spending”

Everyone knows by heart the amount spent monthly on major routine expenses, such as rent, financing, supermarket, among others. But, there are small expenses that end up becoming almost “invisible” when we pay and that, at the end of the month, can mean a large amount. If you’ve noticed that you’re spending more than you really should, it may be time to review some of these possible expenses. See our tips for saving.

Beware of free trials

Our day-to-day is full of services, software, mobile applications and other products that can have the famous free trials. So far so good, as it is essential to know the service before signing up. However, the vast majority of companies do not notify users when the trial period is about to end so that they can decide whether to continue or not. You are the one who has to pay attention to the agreed period and don’t forget to cancel the service before the trial period ends.

Therefore, when you start a free trial of a service, write it down somewhere very visible so that you don’t forget the day to cancel (or, who knows, keep) your subscription. For those who consume a lot of virtual products, but are quite forgetful, this can represent a huge savings.

Bank charges

So-called traditional banks still charge some very obscure fees, which are rarely explained to customers. Nowadays, the easiest way to get away from this is to look for one of the many digital banks that are emerging, as they are able to operate with lower costs due to the absence of physical branches.

But, if you don’t give up your agency, remember to always pay attention to the statements and contact the bank in case of any unrecognized expense. Generally, canceling a service that is being charged for can be done quickly.

subscription digital services

In addition to the problem with free trials, digital subscription services can become a huge expense in the monthly budget. New music and video streaming platforms are constantly emerging. Anyone who wants to have the best services today will already pay more than a full cable TV plan. Therefore, always analyze which services you actually use and which ones you subscribed to on impulse to watch a single movie. A good way to understand this is by going to sites like LateNightStreaming, which brings together content from the main platforms and shows which productions are available on which sites. Thus, you will find out which subscriptions you should prioritize according to your taste.

late fees

Fines for late payment of bank slips represent more unnecessary expenses that could compromise our budget. If you are part of the forgotten group, the tip is to use an application to help control the financial flow. Some of them are exclusively aimed at managing due dates and notify you whenever an account is close to the payment deadline.

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