Life for two: 5 tips to save money for a dream together

To make some dreams come true, you have to save. And for that, there are tips to save money that you can follow. Check 5!

A couple’s relationship involves several aspects, including the financial one. And it is precisely this area that is responsible for major discussions, especially when it comes to achieving a dream together.

It is common for couples to face difficulties saving money for a dream, problems ranging from establishing a joint goal to each one’s consumption behavior.

As a relationship for two does not come with an instruction manual, it is necessary to test tips to save money for a dream together and find out what works in your relationship.

And to help couples with this task, we’ve separated 5 tips for saving money, to put them into practice and start saving to make dreams come true together!

1. Align expectations

Many couples share the house, the bills, the tasks – but they don’t know anything about each other’s dreams.

As much as this seems to be just a detail, in the long run it can cause all kinds of frustration. And it is possible that, at some point, this couple will discover that they have been “fighting” for different things for a long time.

Therefore, the first tip is to align expectations. In a conversation with your partner, make it clear what your dreams are and understand what the other person’s dreams are.

Is buying a house a priority for you? Or do you think the car needs to be changed before? Is taking an international trip more important than all that?

Know that there is no right or wrong for each dream’s priority level. But aligning expectations will allow you to understand what your shared goals are and where you will be directing your efforts.

2. Create habits to reduce expenses

Knowing what the couple’s joint dream is, it’s time to think about habits that favor the economy.

Here, it’s not about websites, apps or platforms that can be used, but things that can be done, within the couple’s routine, that will help control spending.

An example is cutting out shopping for sweets when stopping at the gas station to fill up. It is a superfluous expense, which seems to have little impact, but it will help to strengthen the habit of not spending on what is not necessary.

3. Have a neutral conversation environment

From the moment the couple starts saving money for a joint dream, with financial control habits, it is common for one of the two to assume a “watchman” posture.

In practice, one member of the couple ends up noticing and pointing out the financial mistakes of the other more easily. However, normally these notes come in a critical tone, causing fights and discussions.

To resolve the situation and avoid conflicts, it is interesting for the couple to create a neutral conversation environment. In this environment, the idea is to talk about finances in a clear and objective way, but with no room for offense.

This tip has a psychological bias and is applied in apps like MeuCompromisso, an app designed for couples to have a good relationship with money.

In MeuCompromisso, financial transactions have a space for comments. There, in a neutral environment, the couple can talk about the money without getting carried away by other emotions.

4. Planned periods to save

If the couple’s joint dream is something grand, like buying a car, it’s possible that the goal seems too big given the actions taken to save money.

A tip that can work is to make specific periods when the focus is on spending less money.

For example, a month without dining out. All the amount that will be saved should go directly to the account where the couple is saving money for a joint dream.

This tip is interesting because, as it is only one period, the task becomes “easier”. In addition, planned savings periods are great ways to stimulate creativity and the couple’s union.

5. Remember the dream together with some frequency

When it comes to saving money for a joint dream, losing focus is not complex at all – especially if the dream has a high value.

Therefore, create ways for the couple to remember, with some frequency, the dream together, to keep motivation up to date.

If the dream is a trip, for example, share images of the destination, send an article with tips on the journey, anyway.

Always keep in memory what the dream is. This will help you focus on the economy and understand that there is a bigger goal behind every effort!

Dreaming together is much more fun!

Seeking ways to realize a dream together need not (and should not) be a dull task, worthy of suffering.

Each achievement of a couple is a cause for celebration, but know that celebrating the journey to the realization of the dream is also essential.

Take advantage of this moment to get even closer to your partner, so that this joint effort is lighter and more fun.

Afterwards, all you have to do is take advantage of the money raised to make your special dream come true!

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