Pages and programs about investments with accessible language are successful all over the world

Pages and programs about investments with accessible language are successful all over the world

THE arrival of a framework on financial education and investments to Rede Globo, through one of the most sought-after Brazilian celebrities of the moment, economist and former Big Brother Gilberto Nogueira, is proof of something that was already perceptible: content that strives to make the financial world uncomplicated is on the rise all over the world. the world.

One of the main reasons for the consolidation of this trend was the emergence of several digital influencers who create content with a financial focus. Usually young people, they use social networks to deal with investments and the economy in a way that everyone can understand, bringing up everyday issues.

Among these figures are Nathalia Arcuri, creator of the Me Poupe channel, which seeks to teach small savings possible with the aim of achieving big goals, and Nath Finance, whose homonymous YouTube channel focuses on demystifying that investments are only for the rich, bringing the financial world into the reality of low-income people.

Both have already expanded their reach to Brazilian television. Nathalia Arcuri won a program on Rede TV called Me Poupe! Show. However, she left the channel after controversy involving another employee of the company. Nath Finance participated in conversations about the economy on Rede Globo’s digital channels.

Websites on the subject have also promoted greater democratization of the financial world.

The person responsible for German portal FitForMoney, Bernhard Kuntner, explained the strategies for reaching more people: “The portal tries to cover as many aspects as possible related to finance, from choosing a bank account to explaining complex terms about the stock exchanges. In this way, we managed to accustom our audience to the concepts and introduce more complex subjects, such as investments”.

Among the reasons for the success of financial topics in environments where they normally do not deal with the subject is, of course, the financial crisis. With the need to save, more people are looking for ways to save and also to make those savings work.

Some news from the financial world, such as the cryptocurrenciesalso helped to increase interest in all topics involving economics and investment.

In addition, the great competition between fintechs, mainly in the digital banking niche, helped to expand discussions on investments, since most of these companies offer platforms that are simple to use and easily accessible. To expand the reach of services, companies invested heavily in advertisements about the functions, which naturally increased the population’s curiosity about the subject, which opens up space for content creators to function as teachers in the area.

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