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Those who are starting to invest may feel lost amid so many investment possibilities. But some tips can help clarify this new world of letters and numbers. We interviewed Gustavo Ribolli, from Evolution Investimentos (an office linked to the brokerage firm Guide). With an MBA in capital markets, he specializes in derivatives operations. Gustavo talked to Finance News about the main doubts of beginners, including how to find out your investor profile and which products are best suited for each type of pocket.

Gustavo Ribolli

Finance News: People often ask which is the best investment, but they should ask themselves which investment best suits their profile. Is this statement true?

Gustavo Ribolli: “Certainly, this statement is very correct. If people, before starting their investments, reflected on this, they would certainly start correctly. Unfortunately, the vast majority think only of greater profitability, forgetting the risks”.

Finance News: Basically, what investor profiles are there? Does the definition of “bold” and “conservative” still exist?

Gustavo Ribolli: “We can define the profiles in countless ways, groups and subgroups, but I still prefer to simplify and divide them into the three big groups already known: conservative, moderate and aggressive”.

Finance News: On the internet there are sites where the investor can know his profile exactly. What are other ways to determine this?

Gustavo Ribolli: “The sites define the investor’s profile through a questionnaire. At the end of filling, algorithms calculate, through their criteria, where that investor fits. These questionnaires can also be completed on paper. An interview with trained financial market professionals can help investors discover their profile”.

Finance News: Why, before investing, is it also important for the person to define whether the application is for the short, medium or long term?

Gustavo Ribolli: “There are some important points to define the term of the application, but the main ones are: profitability – generally, the longer the term, the higher the yield – and liquidity. Many applications have a closed term, that is, if the investor needs the money before the deadline, he may not be able to redeem it or bear some loss to make the early redemption”.

Finance News: Can the amount to be applied direct to certain products?

Gustavo Ribolli: “Yes, each type of investment has a certain minimum value for the investor to enter. Brokers do the job of trying to reduce the value of good investments as much as possible so that investments that, in the past, were only for millionaires, become accessible to investors with small amounts to invest”.

Finance News: If a person has a capital of up to R$ 10,000, does not want to take risks and does not need the money in the short term (1 year or 2 years), which products are indicated?

Gustavo Ribolli: “Treasury bonds are very suitable for these people. Other options are fixed income securities such as CDB, LC, LCI and LCA (these two exempt from income tax) and also fixed income funds”.

Finance News: If the person is conservative and has more than BRL 50,000, in the long term, which financial products are indicated?

Gustavo Ribolli: “A basket diversifying the above products would be very interesting, within it, that person will also have access to great investment funds, including those that invest abroad”.

Finance News: If the person has a bold profile and is available to invest between R$ 10 and R$ 20 thousand, which products are recommended?

Gustavo Ribolli: “In this case, a basket of shares would be the most interesting investment, preferably shares of healthy companies that are being traded on the stock exchange at a price below their market value and that pay good dividends. If the person has no experience, equity investment funds are good options too”.

Finance News: It is always said that it is important to diversify, but for those who have little money (less than R$ 5 thousand, for example) is this possible?

Gustavo Ribolli: “Yes, it’s possible. National Treasury bonds, for example, can be traded from R$30.00, investment funds are also accessible from R$100.00, even shares can be purchased with small amounts. Remembering that it is always very important that the investor understands his profile before starting. It is highly recommended to seek help from professionals”.

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