Everything you need to know for your first cryptocurrency investments

Making investments with cryptocurrencies, assets, coins or raw materials is an operation that is becoming more popular every year. Finding an investment opportunity in which anyone, regardless of their level of experience, can operate is one of the main attractions. This is why the platforms that offer the forex and trading service grow year after … Ler mais

Want to start investing? so read me

Those who are starting to invest may feel lost amid so many investment possibilities. But some tips can help clarify this new world of letters and numbers. We interviewed Gustavo Ribolli, from Evolution Investimentos (an office linked to the brokerage firm Guide). With an MBA in capital markets, he specializes in derivatives operations. Gustavo talked … Ler mais

Pages and programs about investments with accessible language are successful all over the world

Pages and programs about investments with accessible language are successful all over the world THE arrival of a framework on financial education and investments to Rede Globo, through one of the most sought-after Brazilian celebrities of the moment, economist and former Big Brother Gilberto Nogueira, is proof of something that was already perceptible: content that … Ler mais

4 Ways to Save on “Invisible Spending”

Everyone knows by heart the amount spent monthly on major routine expenses, such as rent, financing, supermarket, among others. But, there are small expenses that end up becoming almost “invisible” when we pay and that, at the end of the month, can mean a large amount. If you’ve noticed that you’re spending more than you … Ler mais

6 Apps that will help you organize your financial flow

Controlling personal finances has become a commonplace nowadays, thanks to the increased visibility of the topic on social networks. However, it is increasingly difficult to maintain the organization. An search of the specialized portal TECHREVIEWS indicated that internet searches for digital accounts skyrocketed by more than 3000% at the beginning of the pandemic, showing that … Ler mais

Cryptocurrencies: Learn all about how to invest in virtual money and how the financial market behaves

Cryptocurrencies, also known as virtual currencies, have completely revolutionized the current financial market, bringing a new perspective on assets and carrying out transactions around the world. Accompanying the new information age and the influence of technology on monetization, payment methods and the use of added value in high performance, they emerged to make us think … Ler mais